MI-RO Designers:Απίστευτη η νέα collection SS18 στο Ωδείο Αθηνών(Δείτε φωτογραφίες)


Το Ωδείο Αθηνών γέμισε κόσμο και εθεάθησαν πολλοί γνωστοί celebrities του χώρου!

Το show των  MI-RO Designers ήταν το φινάλε για το Athens Xclusive Designers Week!

Απίστευτες δημιουργίες μάγεψαν το κοινό που λάτρεψε την καινούργια collection!

Biography MI-RŌ

Dimitris Mastrokalos and Giannis Raptis are MI-RŌ. Greece’s favourite design duo.

They came together more than 10 years ago, forming a friendship and partnership that would change their lives and the Greek fashion scene.

Dimitris’ graphic arts and Veloudakis School of Fashion studies and Giannis’ marketing background proved the perfect combination. The appearance of their brand in 2003 marked a new era of young fashion designers that emerged in Greece bringing a fresh air and bright new aesthetics to the fashion world.

MI-RŌ became synonymous with fresh yet timeless style, fearless design, dynamic silhouettes, feminine lines, precious materials and detailed tailoring. Instantly recognizable and always making women feel special, the MI-RŌ look was at once and ever since endorsed by fashion editors, stylists, celebrities and clients alike as the go-to choice to dress every special occasion, whether this was a magazine cover, an on-stage appearance, a significant life moment.

MI-RŌ have been invited to present their collections in major international and local fashion events, including the AltaRoma AltaModa fashion week, InStyle Athens Fashion Week, Serbia fashion week (official guests of MTV Europe), TRANOI Paris, Madwalk, Taste The Fashion charity fashion event.

Their popularity has translated into international collaborations with mega brands such as MAC, Kiehl’s and Samsung, while they  have successfully put their signature on costume design for theater and movie productions, uniforms for boutique hotels and companies, as well as diffusion lines for Greek fashion brands.

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